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Wine Tours and Tastings

How many times have you put your ear over a barrel to listen to the boiling crackles of fermentation?


Our unique wine tours go far beyond swirling and sipping.   
Listening to grapes fermenting is a feature of our wine tours; tasting aging wine in barrels is another.

Starting with a walk in the vines you’ll discover that nature has wisdom to share and whether it’s the lunar cycles, the temperature or a constellation in the sky, we follow it.  Next, we'll move into the wine cellar.  You’ll discover why our  ‘non-intervention’ creates natural wines - by any definitions or standards -unique to Casa Wallace.
Soft classical music in our historic courtyard sets the stage for you to savor our territory and its gastronomic delights.  Pairing our wine with fresh, local products is the perfect way to appreciate lower Piedmont.


This unique wine tour and tasting experience is available to all our guests.