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Casa Margherita is one of a few places you can spend your vacation steeped in rich Italian history. Documents date the farmhouse back to the 1500s, and as it sits under the once powerful 12th century Castle of Cremolino, guests can only wonder what life was like for the fiefdom.

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Casa Margherita and the Castel of Cremolino, together with Casa Wallace are the three most important historical buildings in Cremolino. The Casa Margherita Project is the result of a group of friends – Italian, American and Swedish - investing together to create an intimate place for travellers from around the globe. It will be a unique summer vacation place that welcomes families, couples and groups with activities focusing around the pool and sun deck, the fields, nature pathways, the lake and the vegetable gardens. During the rest of the year, we offer holistic courses, meditation, package deals, retreats and fun weekends. The service provided will always be top quality but informal and all guests will enjoy healthy vegetarian food and simple eco furnished elegant rooms with eco luxe amenities. The name, Casa Margherita was inspired by Margherita Stella, the jovial daughter of the previous owners, the Stella family, who passed away at the young age of 38. Her sister Aurora, brother Franco and son Marco are all investors in this project. Casa Margherita has fifty-two acres of land flowing with biodiversity. The nut plantation, the lake, thirteen water sources, the old vines and fruit trees all play their role in creating the beauty and vastness of Casa Margherita. Clarity of purpose guided us through more than a year of renovation, as our goal was to have style embrace history. Keeping as much as the original stone, wood and crevices as possible, we created eleven rooms, a reception area, and a small wellness area, all around the distinctive inner courtyard characteristic of the era. Each one of us hopes that Casa Margherita becomes your home when you’re away from yours.

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