Located in lower Piedmont, close to the
Liguria border, Casa Margherita is the
perfect location for exploring the area.

Piedmont lies in the Northwest corner of Italy surrounded on three sides by the Alps.


Casa Margherita lies in the southeastern area of Piedmont among the rolling hills of Monferrato, an area immersed in vines and orchards, uncontaminated nature and furry wildlife, terra-cotta rooftops and cobblestone streets and, Roman ruins and imposing fortresses. Italy is a food lovers dream, and this Monferrato area can hold its own with mouth-watering gastronomic delights.


The large pool is ideal for a nice swim before breakfast or to hang out in all day if you want.


the vines, the pool or a warm,wooden-floored space are available for your Sun Salutations and more…


Beautiful woodland-hiking trails of varying difficulty and distance leave from and return to Casa Wallace.


Weekends are the time for pizza parties at Casa wallace. Guests can participate from making the dough to making the pizza. The many toppings let the chef in you take over.


You think you can’t paint? With our watercolor painting sessions, everyone creates a work of art. We also have children’s activity stations inside and outside that keep everyone busy.


About one hour away

Neive is one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Italy. Stroll around and then eat lunch overlooking the hills of Barbaresco 5 km away. Twenty minutes away, you complete your day trip to Alba, one of the gastronomic capitals of Italy, also with palaces towers and castles.

You can walk the back roads through the vines to this charming, peaceful medieval town and its castle that dates back to the tenth century.
Woodland trails also bring you to the Romanesque Shrine of Our Lady of Bruceta – a stop for pilgrims.


About one and a half hours away

A beautiful city at the foot of the Alps that gave the world the first hard chocolate, the Fiat, and one of the best A series soccer teams in Europe. Street art, museums, food, literature, entertainment make Turin a perfect day trip.


Ovada, an old city not far from the sea blends both Piedmont and Liguria in more ways than one. The narrow streets like Genova host attractive markets and its seaside and hillside culinary specialties like farinata and bagna cauda aren’t to be missed.


Acqui Terme is an ancient Roman thermal spa town built around the central square Piazza Della Bollente. If you want to touch the sulfurous boiling water flowing from the ground at 74.5° C, (166°F) do it quickly! The four arches of the Roman aqueduct are some of the best preserved in Northern Italy.

acqui terme

About one hour away

Genoa is a beautiful seaside city immersed in history. Once a powerful republic, its churches, museums, old stores and squares, small alleyways called caruggiù and opulent palaces that once housed families, are interwoven to make up the largest historical center in Europe.


In small towns on the gentle hills of Upper Monferrato, you can still find the simple things in life: natural wines to suit every palate, fresh local food unique to this area, and history that unfolds for you at every turn.


This zone boasts the largest concentration of castles in Europe; many have public visiting schedules.


Summer isn’t complete without hill town fairs or sagre that bring local customs to life. In Cremolino, on the Tamborello field, you can enjoy a traditional dinner, browse stands with local products and enjoy music all while mingling with locals.

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