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Who we are

Casa Margherita is one of the few places people can spend their vacation steeped in rich history. Documents date the farmhouse back to the 1500s; as it sits under the Castle of Cremolino, a once powerful 12th-century fortress, guests can only wonder what life was like for those in the fiefdom.


With 26 hectares of rich biodiversity - a lake, walnut plantation, thirteen water sources, fruit trees, and vines – Casa Margherita is the perfect place to explore nature. Our goal at Casa Margherita is for guests to disconnect from the stress and chaos of our techno world, and reconnect with family, friends, and nature. The hub of summer activities is our beautiful outdoors, while our indoor wellness center brings people for weekend getaways throughout the year.

Casa Margherita is the ideal place for

Casa Margherita B&B for Piedmont Holidays un Italy


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Casa Margherita B&B for Piedmont Holidays un Italy

Family Summer Vacations

When work and obligations limit your family time, you need a vacation! Get back on track with a vacation full of activities for the entire family.

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Are the perfect time to visit us during the year.

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Nature trails and cycling keep you fit while you’re away.